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Welcome to the Champions Challenge

The AdvoCare Champions Challenge presented by the US Army is a friendly physical competition between all military and first responder units including the US Marines, US Navy, US Army, US Airforce, Firefighters and Police. Teams receive an invitation to participate in the challenge and are selected upon exclusive criteria. Only 2x teams are allowed to participate per category. This is closed to general public with the exception of primary sponsor AdvoCare, who will field 4 teams and participating teams of the AdvoCare Classic who will field two teams from each years participating schools. 2018 will see invitations go to the Alumni of LSU and Miami.

The AdvoCare Champions Challenge presented by the US Army has been exclusively designed by one of the nation’s top strength and conditioning experts. The vigorous course will encompass over 5.5 miles of rough terrain, physical and mental challenges designed to exhaust the competitors in route to the finish line. This is not your average weekend workout! The winner will be crowned the Champions Challenge Festival trophy and have bragging rights for the entire year! Come follow your team by downloading our Champions Challenge course app on the day of the event.

Team Skills

Champions Challenge Course Details (5K)
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