Champions Festival 2018

Champions Festival Challenge Details

AdvoCare Champions Challenge presented by the US Army Race Designed to Push Its’ Competitors to their Limits

Irving, TX – The AdvoCare Champions Challenge presented by the US Army has been exclusively designed by one of the nation’s top strength and conditioning experts. The vigorous course will include a 5K run through picturesque terrain, as well as, physical and mental challenges designed to exhaust its’ competitors in route to the finish line. Many elements of the course have a military origin. This is not your average weekend workout! The winner will be crowned the Champions Challenge Festival Champion and have bragging rights for the entire year!

Special invites will go out to this year’s participating AdvoCare Classic schools (LSU and Miami) alumni. Let’s see if they have what it takes to stack up against some of Dallas’ finest military and first responder based units!

Additionally, AdvoCare and the US Army have designed unique fitness and nutritional guidelines for participants to utilize as they train for the competition. A free digital copy can be downloaded with purchase of tickets to the day’s event. AdvoCare distributors should contact AdvoCare directly for more information on how to be a part of the Champions Challenge participating teams.

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